Okay, I have been wondering about this for a while. "Is there such things as book writers, pulishers, and bookshops in Second Life?" I knew there was a readable and realistic 3D book inworld. As I had my spring break, I started my quest to fid information about this. Thanks to Shambelsguru, I got the landmark of Book Island. The name sounds promising, doesn't it?

It does! Book Island is like a dream come true to me. Here you can find books for sale, publishers and of course book writers. There are weekly events in the island such as Writer's Support Group and Book Chat. It's really exciting talking about books in such a relaxing garden. It is indeed better than 2D browser based book chat.

Being a book writer in physical world, I know exactly that many brilliant ideas cannot be published by publishers because the cost of producing and publishing a book is high. This fact discourages creativity and productivity. If adults have to face a gazillion obstacles in sharing their ideas in a book form, let alone young people. 

In 3D virtual world, these obstacles can be minimized. The cost of producing a 3D book which is as good and realistic as physical book is almost NOTHING. The marketing outreach of this 3D books is worldwide. Renting a space for a bookshop in the island costs only  L$ 550 a week. (around US$ 2.2 / Rp. 20.000) . We will never have that luxury in physical world.  We can be a book writer, a publisher and a bookshop owner all at once in Book Island. 

I can't wait to bring my students' works inworld. 


5/4/2012 04:11:05 pm

Zhu0505This is really a wonderful website, great.


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