The very first conference I attended in Second Life was Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference conducted by University of North Carolina, USA (UNC-TLT conference). In fact, I got most of my virtual world teaching skills when I joined UNC-TLT conference in summer 2010.

So I didn't want to miss another UNC TLT conference this year. There were many workshops available during this three days conference. 
I was particularly interested in the presentation presented by their keynote speaker Lyr Lobo or Dr. Cynthia Calongne from Colorado Technical University, USA, The Journey into the New Frontier II. 

She had a very interesting vision about the future of educational techology. You can read her presentation slides here: 

After attending this conference, I was once again assured that I embraced the right technology for my students. People often laugh at me, warn me or reject my idea when I tell them that I use virtual world for learning and teaching. I know in the future, these breakthroughs in technology will gain wider acceptance.


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