"Welcome to my virtual campus." Ah.......How I have been dreaming of saying it. That dream has come true today. Finally I got my first virtual campus built in Open Sim Kitely.

I created a new world/sim in Kitely to build my virtual campus. (I decided to use my previous sim for my students' residence) I chose Virtual Collaborative Environment this time instead of empty land or upload OAR options. In less than a minute, my new world/sim was created along with the terrain, landscape and buildings. It was a nice surprise because this virtual collaborative environment was exactly what I wanted. 

As soon as I got this ready to use sim, I thought of how to use it. First I removed a big green office building on it. I didn't really like the color and the shape. Besides it was really huge. Then I rezzed some plants that I made and that I got from KatiJack Studio on my sim. The plants did make a significant difference.  Basically there are 8 main spots in my campus: welcome lounge, conference hall, exhibition hall, information center, student center, marketplace,  my office and sandbox.

I can't wait to add some stuffs in my campus and use it to teach my students.

Here's the address of


7/13/2011 10:00:07 pm

gilee kereeen amaatt

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Zhu0505This is really a wonderful website, great.


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