I have learned to export my objects from Kitely to my computer in .xml file. I have also learned to import .xml file that I got from my friend to Kitely. If importing and exporting was that easy, I thought that there might be some people out there who put their .xml file for public use in Open Sims. I was right. I googled it and I found this place: http://opensim-creations.com/ 

Opensim Creations reminded me of Second Life Marketplace. Although the number of available products was nothing compared to Marketplace, they were all free. I couldn't complain! I downloaded some objects that I liked, from a Victorian house to a submarine. Unlike in Second Life Marketplace where I get the objects I buy inworld Second Life, here in Opensim Creations I got a file to download (.xml files). Then I imported these files from my computer into Kitely to get the objects.

It was a fun experience. It was easy and fast. (Remember how many times we do not get the stuffs we buy in Second Life Marketplace?) The only thing I disliked about this type of transfer was the texturing part. All stuffs that I imported from Opensim Creations were white (not textured) and I had to texture them manually (I didn't even know how to bring the textures inworld from the rar file) I am sure there is an easy way to do that. Al


7/11/2011 09:44:49 pm


I followed your link on OSC and just found this site. To import a build with all textures is actually quite simple. In Imprudence, you choose File > Import + Upload and choose the xml file of the object. Imprudence will then first upload all textures neccessary for the build and then create the object with all textures in place.


James OReilly
2/22/2012 01:01:17 am

Learning about Kitely - Part 7

4/19/2012 05:37:18 pm

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