When I first created my sim in Kitely, there was an option to upload OAR file from our computer. I didn't know what OAR file was and how it worked so I chose just a barren sim as a start. Yesterday I met Roger Stack from Tasmanian Polytechnic-Australia in his Kitely sim. I was so impressed by the whole structure he had there. He told me that he didn't make it. He uploaded OAR file which was available as an open source.

He gave me a link of this open source OAR files website and I began hunting for OAR files. I downloaded some OAR files here: http://opensimworlds.com/index.php?part=worlds
The OAR files there give us a ready made sim, including the terrain, landscape, buildings, etc. This is perfect for virtual worlds users who do not want the hassle of building everything in the sim from scratch.

I tried to upload the OAR file I liked to Kitely but it took a very very very long time. I discarded the loading process. (I will find out why it took me ages to upload a complete sim OAR file to Kitely) There are many websites that provide free to download OAR files under Creative Commons license. One of them is KatiJack Studio that provides the OAR files of the sim terrain. (http://katijackstudio.com/downloads.htm )I downloaded some terrain OAR files and uploaded to my new sim to Kitely. It was 100% a success.

As much as I like terraforming, I know I am not good at it. The ugly terrain that I built got me frustrated in Kitely and made me want to quit. Not any more.......I have 2 sims with beautiful terrain now. Whenever I enter my sims in Kitely, I feel relaxed and peaceful because I don't have to see my self-made ugly terrain anymore (Yes, I couldn't even make a nice lake). I can' wait to show my students their new sim. I have made a sim for them so that they can have their private territory and build their creativity.

James OReilly
2/22/2012 10:00:14 am

Learning about Kitely - Part 6

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