The concept of importing and exporting objects from Second Life to Open Sims  and vice versa was alien to me. I was told that I could do it with imprudence viewer so I wanted to try. I tried to find information about how to use Imprudence viewer to access Kitely. I found the information here: 

I found the above information hard to do since I couldn't find the AppData folder. I downloaded Imprudence anyway. I wanted to use it to access Second Life and learn the menu. My friend Z taught me how to export object from Second Life to our computer hard drive in .xml file. After I logged off Second Life, I wanted to visit a sim in Kitely. I did a normal procedure and guessed what? I was logged in with Imprudence viewer although I didn't try to alter the plugin. (Later I learned that Kitely would pick the latest viewer we install as its default plugin)

Of course I was excited to be able to access Kitely with Imprudence. As soon as I was inworld in Kitely with Imprudence, I opened the FILE button and clicked IMPORT OBJECT. I chose na .xml file that my friend gave me earlier. Then a square wooden box appear and in no time, parts of an object started to take shape. It took only a few seconds for this Japanese gate to load completely in Kitely. You could imagine how exciting I was (a typical Open Sim newbie, eh?) .

I could import object from Second Life to Kitely. My next question was "Would I be able to export object from Kitely to Second Life?" I made a huge wooden box in kitely and while editing it, I opened FILE button and EXPORT OBJECT. I saved the object in my computer in .xml file format. Then I logged in Second Life and import that huge wooden box and worked.

As you see in the slideshow above, I began moving my stuffs to Kitely from Second Life. I started with my precious bookcase. I will have my students export their creations to thier computer in .xml file. It is great that they can showcase their works in any Open Sims now, not limited to Second Life. All in all, I would say that this export-import business is brilliant, fun, and EASY. The only thing I don't like about it was the fact that when I used Imprudence viewer my avatar shape turned back into the default shape. :(( I will find out why and find the solution. It's my homework.

7/11/2011 10:42:55 pm

Creating greater capability for BULK security backup processes is your next step for import/export from SL to Opensim:

1. Install an Opensim Standalone, quad-sim, 140,000 prims

2. Second Life Inventory Management - Bulk Security Backup & Export - Repository Inventory Management - Open Source Content Creator Licensing - Import to Any Opensim Grid Operator

These steps give you the capability for an out-world repository backup...

"Create Once, Experience Everywhere" is the idea behind this repository approach...

7/12/2011 01:34:48 am

Do you need some music on your Kitely world?

James OReilly
2/22/2012 09:59:19 am

Learning about Kitely - Part 5

4/20/2012 02:46:11 am

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