This is my "real" world.

I drive 11 km every morning to teach.
It takes me 1.5 hour to reach school.
Yes, the traffic drives me crazy.
It is comparable only to Bangkok and the heart of Calcuta.

I waste my productive time in the car.
I overconsume scarce fossil fuel.
I leave immense amount of carbon footprint on earth.
I spend more money for gas than for my professional development.

This is the physical world that we think is the only real world we live in. This is a physical reality that we think is always better than virtual reality. Do we still think that it is worthed to waste our life in a traffic as long as it is coherent to our limited definition of reality?

Of course, tomorrow I have to wake up in the morning and spend hours on the road again to teach, something that I mostly can do in virtual world with just 5 seconds teleport. Do you still question why I love teaching in Virtual World?

5/16/2011 05:42:21 pm

I agree with you tante... :-D

5/16/2011 09:23:15 pm

virtual school is cool!

1/25/2012 12:10:56 am

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