I have been having these questions before. How come something so virtual affect people in their physical life? If ideas can be spread throughout the metaverse reaching every corner of the world, can love be transfered the same way?

The answer to both of my questions is YES. When Mt. Merapi in Central Java erupted, my group, SLED Indonesia (a group of Indoesian educators in Second Life), decided to do something in Second Life to help the victims. We did several fundraising activities, from photo exhibition, lecture and folk theater 'The Legend of Mt.Merapi'  to roundtable session and concert (thanks to Green and Angyl). We raised around LS$ 175.000 in all events from avatars around the world.  The concert organized by Green and Angyl and their fellow musicians alone generated up to L$ 128.000. We could never thank them enough for all of their magnificently selfless work.

Those lindens finally reached the victims of Mt.Merapi eruption in Samiran village, Boyolali, Central Java through our network. (Thanks to Wieda and the crew, a dear friend whom I never meet in physical life but bond in virtual world) We used the money mostly to buy supplies for the farmers  so that they could start farming again and make a living for their families. 

Isn't it amazing what pixels and electromagnetic wave can do to human life? Isn't it fascinating that people who never have any physical connections whatsoever can connect physically through virtual world? Isn't it incredible that love can be transfered from people around the world, breaking geographic, racial, religious boundaries and other barriers?

What will you transfer?

Special thanks to August Chrome from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru, Zeppo Romano from Illonois State Univeristy-US and Aedann Slade from North Carolina Web-Based Immersive Environment for Education-US

Special thanks to Angly and Green, the most amazing, kind hearted and incredibly patient artist and musicians. (Now you can chop my head if you want, Greeen. lol Angyl won't do it I know. She is an angel)

Special thanks to all Indonesian educators (home and school) in SL who have contributed their time, resources and thoughts to make this happen. You guys are AWESOME!

James OReilly
2/4/2011 10:44:55 pm

More outreach tools... Photoshow http://www.photoshow.com/ Animoto http://animoto.com/ http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/Directory/Tools/media.html

James OReilly
2/4/2011 11:06:18 pm

Nice mixed reality benchmark for achieving education outreach... and increasing concurrent virtual world users...

3/24/2012 02:04:25 am

Fine article dude


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