Several days ago, I decided to participate in a PhD research conducted by Evelyn McElhinney, Lecturer in Advanced Practice Nursing, Module Leader Non Medical Prescribing at School of Health and Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University. (Her Second Life name is Kali Pizzaro). Her research was "Health literacy skills of people who access health information in 3D virtual worlds and the impact on real life health behaviour".

Today I had to meet her at 2 am SLT for an interview session. She teleported me to a cozy lounge. When she was about to start the interview, suddenly my 13 years old girl said "I am hungry. I have to eat or I will die. (@_@) May I have pancake please?"  It was going to be a long interview so I couldn't let her wait.

Kali briefed me with her research code of conduct as I moved my laptop from my desk to my kitchen. I prepared all ingredients in a bowl while reading her text. Every once in a while I stopped working on my pancake and answered her questions.
Trust me, I answered all questions that Kali asked wholeheartedly and I still managed to make pancake in three different flavors.

I used to think that I needed two lives to be able to function properly in the roles I have at home and at work. I saw a little chance to be able to enrich my professional and personal life off work hours . I didn't think it was possible to be able to cook dinner and not miss a book club meeting, to garden and not miss a conference, to be a mom and not miss an intelectual discussion, or to make pancake in a late afternoon and not miss a participation in a PhD research. 

Thanks to virtual world technology I got a new perspective on how I could do both activities simulataneously. I can attend a professional development program while chopping onions. I can mop the floor while listening to a lecture, and so on.  I don't have to live twice after all to enjoy the pleasure of home and the pleasure of having intelectual development.

(The above candid photos taken by a very hungry girl inspired me to write this post)

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