Who says you cannot be emotional teaching in SL? I had a class about different art movements and artists in a French chateau in one of NC WeBIEE's sims. I love this place so much and visited often but the developer of the island, my dear friend Aedann, said that this place was going to be demolished and replaced by a new building. :( I had fun teaching that night but I felt very sad. That would be my last chance to see the place. I would never be able to come and enjoy the paintings there anymore. The next morning, some of my students IMed me "Ms.Ines, the building is gone", "Are we lost? I cannot see the building we visited last night." Strange enough, I felt a great loss in my heart. (Aedann, thank you for giving my class a chance to enjoy the building for the last time. You waited for us patiently, I could never thank you enough)

I’ve been wanting to create my very own blog site from a long time, in many ways your website inspires me a great deal.

5/4/2012 04:29:04 pm

Zhu0505This is really a wonderful website, great.


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