All of my students in Grade 4 have witnessed the massive tsunami in Japan recently. They were all terrified watching the footage. We have passed the earth unit at school but that day I used my teaching time to discuss about the tsunami. I brought my students to a tsunami simulation built by NOAA. The tsunami simulation started with an earthquake under the sea, shaking the earth plates. It was then followed by the rapid depression of the sea level. Out of sudden, a huge wave, a tsunami, rushed to the beach, destroying everything on its path.

My students ran away as the tsunami approaching but none of them could escape the wave. They saw how the beach house was leveled by the tsunami. I am glad I could teach my students to be aware of what is going on around them or around the world and be able to understand it.

3/20/2011 01:47:09 pm

I was looking for this at the NOAA Okeanos sim, but was unable to find it. Do you have a SLURL? Many thanks!

7/10/2011 05:05:36 pm

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