Forget about so so Power Point Presentation, It's time for Preso-Matic. My students were working on a presentation project about pollination. First, they prepared the presentation using Power Point and saved the work in JPEG Interchange. Then they uploaded the JPEG files into Second Life and drag it to the Preso-Matic. I was so glad that all of my students were able to follow the instructions I wrote in a notecard. :) I can't wait to see them present their works in NC WeBiee Amphitheater. (Pstttt...they are very nervous now)

* FULL PERM (copy, modify, transfer) Preso-Matic is not cheap. But you can get it for free from NASA. Go to NASA sim and click the educator package.
5/4/2012 04:23:54 pm

Zhu0505This is really a wonderful website, great.


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