I think educators survive in Second Life because of the help of other educators. I remember during my first week of existance in SL, when I didn't know how lo took at my own face, when I was proud wearing DEMO hair *with the shop logo floating on top of my head*,  and when I didn't know how to get away from rats which were chasing me in International School Island, an educator helped me all the way through.

I cannot count how many educators from every corner of the world who have helped me selflessly. "We help each other here," they said. Now that there is a wave of Indonesian educators coming into SL as newbies, I really want to do what other educators did to help me.  I believe that any help no matter how small it is makes a difference.

***I was in borobudur sim with 3 educators from Indonesia. All I did to help were just to show them how to use camera control, to set the environment and to get business outfit to cover one avatar's belly button. It was really nothing compared to how much help I have recieved in SL but I am sure every skill that we pass forward to other educators will make them better adjusted to this technology.

"We help each other here." I love that.