Just like in a physical world, doing a class in virtual world needs a preparation. I need to learn many things before putting them together for my class. One of the most important things I do before starting a virtual class is to learn about the sim I am going to use. When I was preparing a collaborative project about the rainforest, I needed a rainforest sim. http://inesogura.weebly.com/1/post/2011/07/rainforest-collaboration.html 

After I got the landmark of some Costa Rican rainforest sims from a friend in my network, here are the things I did:
1. I explored every corner of the sim to make sure there was enough biodiversity for my project and to make sure there were no adult contents (although the sim was M rated).
2. I asked the sim owner/manager permisson to use the sim and asked about the sim capacity. 

So I spent a couple of hours in the rainforests in Costa Rica, not because it was hard to learn about the place. The sims were so captivating that I . :)


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