Previously I had a problem in importing xml file to Kitely. I could turn the xml files into objects inworld but the objects were not textured. I thought that I could spend my whole Kitely Credit just to texture those objects and that importing objects was not worthed at all.

It turned out that I imported the objects wrongly. I downloaded object for free in Opensim Creations and I got files compressed in rar. Instead of extracting the rar file, I opened and took the xml file out of it. I imported this xml file, the one that I got from the wrong procedure and had the objects imported without textures at all.

A very simple missed procedure could make a whole lot difference in my attempt to build my sim. I will never forget to EXTRACT my rar file again before importing the xml file from the extracted folder. :)

Tip: If you want to import an object with its textures using Imprudence viewer, make sure you click Import and upload. The textures will be uploaded and applied to the object automatically.

James OReilly
2/22/2012 10:02:08 am

Learning about Kitely - Part 8

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