I have to admit that I knew almost nothing about Open Sim (OS). I heard many times that many educational sims were migrating to open sims because Linden Lab decided not to give discounts to educational sims but I was not interested in OS at all. I have been so comfortable teaching and learning in Second Life that I refused to change. My students have been learning in Sciland, Nanoland and Illinois State University sandboxes for free so I didn't bother to think that it was free because other people had to bear the cost of maintaining sims in Second Life.
I skipped any information about OS, including Kitely, I got from my Facebook group. Then yesterday, I was involved in a dispute with my friend, James O'Reilly (;p). He thought that it was time for me to learn about Open Sim, especially Kitely. I thought that accessing Kitely was nerve wrecking and the whole idea of Open Sim was a waste of time. I was wrong.

As soon as I discovered my own way of accessing Kitely from my Facebook account-YES, you access Kitely from your Facebook account-, I was inside Kitely virtual world in no time. (James, admit it! Your Kitely instruction is brilliant but not user friendly) My first Kitely experience was in James's sim. Not enough being in someone's else island, I created my own sim for free.

Here's how you can access my sim in 3D virtual world Kitely if you do not have SL viewer in your computer:
1. Download and install this Second Life viewer - Viewer for advanced resident is recommended: http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/?lang=en-US
2. Login your Facebook
3. Go to this link and click LOGIN with Facebook button: http://www.kitely.com/virtualworld/Ines-Puspita/Deutsche-Internationale-Schule 
4. Download and install Kitely plugin as it pops up.
6. A warning window will pop up, choose ALLOW access.
7. Second Life viewer will load and you will be logged in automatically.
How simple is that?

I have so many things to learn about Kitely. Hmm....Open Sim is a very interesting species indeed. No wonder more and more people buzz about it. Having my own sim is like a dream come true to me. Now I can fulfil my students' dream of having their own house or appartment in the school complex. I still fall in love with Second Life, the great builds, the people, the networks, but I will give Open Sims a chance.

Go to www.kitely.com to learn more about it.                                                        

(Thank you for the FEUD James O'Reilly)



7/9/2011 08:10:18 pm

Kitely sims presently provide 100,000 prims, and monetization will soon be rolled out...

Kitely Opensim Monetization Strategy Briefing 1/3

Kitely will also accomodate 1000s of avatars...

For out-world backup, just download and use Ener Hax’s awesome free Sim-On-A-Stick too, quad-sim, 140,000 prims http://www.simonastick.com/

James OReilly
2/22/2012 12:53:41 am

Learning about Kitely - Part 2

7/29/2012 05:12:02 pm

Nice description about the learning and teaching in Virtual World. These are the new online learning software. I think people should like it . I like this information too and also i am waiting for some new updates.

7/9/2011 11:12:25 pm

See > How can I choose which virtual world viewer to use? in Kitely support site...

7/10/2011 02:39:23 pm

Well, my instructions started to inflate after encountering a login problem with a French name. One of the accented French letters was accepted by Facebook but was not implemented in Opensim, and the Kitely Plugin did not bridge this. So more detail analysis was needed.

Things were remedied meanwhile, and here's the summary...

Another tutored visitor to my Kitely world... Michèle Drechsler http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=69​66658&l=64bf6bad48&id=622664200

7/11/2011 05:58:49 pm

Check this if you like more detail instructions :-)


Nurul Lailiyah
7/26/2011 07:58:57 am

7/26/2011 04:45:56 pm

This is the new main platform of Ines Puspita with conference and office facilities http://www.kitely.com/virt​ualworld/Ines-Puspita/Deut​sche-Internationale-Schule​-2

7/26/2011 05:12:05 pm

Get Ines Puspita on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/inespuspita?blend=4&ob=5#p/u

6/24/2012 02:10:04 am

Found your site through Weebly and wanted to say hi


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