Everyone agrees teamwork and afterschool assignments are important. But if you live in a crowded city like Jakarta, before being important, those two will become costly. My students live averagely 10 kilometers away from each other. If they have to do a group work after school (in a rush hour), each will spend about US$ 10 for back and forth transportation cost.

But with collaborative whiteboard in SL...not anymore. My students can work together in the comfort of their homes and their moms' homemade meals. ^^

Their avatars can work together online, share ideas, type together, draw together and do many office works with so many collaborative tools accessible through media on prim in SL. (Picture: www.twiddla.com in media on prim)

So goodbye carbon foot print...goodbye inefficient collaboration.... Are you going to waste time, money and other resources? We are going to save them!

(I enjoyed learning how to use these collaborative whiteboards. Thank you for your link the other day Josain! Flock draw and Sumopaint didn't work)

4/19/2012 05:51:31 pm

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4/19/2012 07:07:45 pm

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