I had a love at a first sight, or should I say at a first word with Sister Abeyante when I attended her session in Virtual Ability sim. Her words are always powerful. She is strong and gentle at the same time. She is one of the most inspiring female avatars I have met in SL. To support my group, SLED Indonesia, in our fundraising event, Sister Abeyante agreed to give us a roundtable session about " Virtually Good: Using Virtual Worlds to Make Our Real World Better".

This roundtable session was the most special roundtable I ever had in SL because I organized it. After all, I am not a newbie anymore.

Sister, thank you so much for your inspiration and support.

After just a week of planning, hours of labor and many sleepless nights, my friends in SLED Indonesia finally put everything together to make a fundrasing photo exhibition to help the victims of Mt.Merapi eruption and Mentawai Tsunami. If you see the exhibition, you will not believe that it is the work of newbies. I had the honor to open the exhibition officially but I never felt like I deserved the honor. Trust me, I didn't help building anything there...lol.

Although I didn't not do much to establish the exhibition, I learned a lot from this event. I learned about unconditional love, kindness, compassion and determination from my friends. Urgh!! There are so many things I want so say about my friends' great work in this exhibition but I just don't know where to start.

Thank you to all of my friends in SLED Indoensia and SLI (You know exactly why I cannot type all of your names here)

Thank you to all who have come and supported us

Thank you August Chrome for your kind and generous help. Your 3D geographic model of Mt.Merapi was a highlight in our exhibition.

My group (SLED Indonesia chapter) organized a fundraising event to help the victims of Mt.Merapi eruption and Tsunami in Mentawai - Indonesia. One of the session in the event was a lecture from Zeppo Romano (RL: Bill Shields from Illinois State University) about "Mt.Merapi Volcano - A Look at the Geologic Setting and Associated Hazards". We were so grateful to Zeppo Romano who had prepared and presented the lecture for all of us. My students had been online hours before the lecture started because they didn't want to miss it.

( Thank you Zeppo for your time, knowledge and supports for us. And thank you Aedann for the beautiful and lag-free conference hall )

This was my first experience organizing a conference in SL.