My other learning passion except Science is History. Whenever I have a free time in SL, I would always want to learn history. This time, my learning destination was Berlin in 1920s. Actually, I am not really into modern history but many people have been talking how great Berlin 1920 sim is. Besides, I work in a German school so I think it is nothing wrong to know a glimse of its history.

My Journey started in a small train station. To reach Berlin, I needed to take a ride on a coal fueled train avaiable there. It was a fast journey to Bahnhof Berlin Alexanderplatz, the historic train station which was built in 1882. Before I even left the station, a 'polizie' named Watchmeister called me. He explained politely that I needed to dress up as 20s Berlinian to enter the sim. So I wore the only 20s outfit I got from a freebie shop in the station, a baggy dull colored dress, and I changed my new flowing long hair into a bun. Suddenly I felt that there were so many limits for a female Berlinian in the 1920s.

I was allowed to enter the sim by Herr Watchmeister once I dressed properly. This very nice policeman was guiding me around the city. It was amazing to know that there were shops, bakery, laundry service, and even taxi service at the time in Berlin. In the library and museum there I learned many things about the history of Berlin and Germany (in English). I learned for the first time that Germany was called Wiemar Republic in the 1920s before the coming of the Third Reich and its leader 'YOU KNOW WHO'. It was quite embrassing that I just knew it. That explained why I saw Weimar shields everywhere around the town.

There were art works, books, magazines and even music of the 20s in the sim. I was told that in certain time of the year, there were celebrations, rituals and happenings just like what people did or experienced in Berlin at the time. There was a theater with regular shows too. Almost every aspect of Berlin can be found there and was a great learning source. Even the beggar named Joacim there was a good learning source. He told me how he ended up on the street after the war.

 I will definately visit this sim again to finish reading the books in the library and bookshop. Of course I can't say that this is a safe place. Just like any cities in physical life or second life, there might be some griefers. But don't worry, here you can just press the blue box on the street whenever you are in trouble and a police will rescue you. See you there......