I got this tour invitation last night before midnight via a Facebook Group. I thought I would take a look at it before heading to bed.  The tour guides were Katherine Watson Prawl, a person behind ISM (International Spaceflight Museum) and Jeffry Corbin, my friend from Physics and Astronomy Department University of Denver, the co-founder of Sciland.

When I logged in SL, the tour had already been started. I was late. I didn't know what I had missed. Jeffry teleported me to a dome with beautiful view of the universe. Many other tour participants were there too. I almost got vertigo being in that room. Luckily, soon after I was there, we had to move to the next destination, the gift shop.

I have been to ISM gift shop before, so I was quite familiar with the place. I spotted that there were more products for sale than before. I was particularly interested in the telescopes. They were quite expensive (L$ 1200 / Rp 45.000) but I needed to have a good telescope to teach my students inworld so I bought one, a Newtonian reflector telescope.

After visiting the gift shop, we went to ISM conference hall to listen to Katherine's presentation. There was a technical problem before the presentation so I decided to take a look at International Space Station (ISS) exhibit. I was so surprised the ISS was fully developed. Last time I went there with my students, it was still under construction. I was sure my students would love the fully developed ISS.

The technical problem was finally solved and we all listened to Katherine's presentation about exhibits in International Spaceflight Museum. There were more exhibits in ISM than I thought. I couldn't believe I didn't know about the interactive space shuttle and the Mars exhibit there. 

I realized that I knew almost nothing about the ISM although I thought I was familiar with it. I learned more about it last night, thanks to Katherine and Jeffry. The tour was fun. (especially because I could do it while on bed) I am sure the knowledge I got from the tour would enrich my teaching in SL.