I have not posted anything on this website for a while due to RL working frenzy. It is nice to make a come back to write about my visit to VIBE (Virtual Islands for Biology Education) regions in Open Sims. 

It is not my first visit in Open Sims. I have been amazed by the development of Open Sims but I have not really explored the possibilities of bringing my students to learn there yet. My reason? Well, I guess I am just being torpid. lol 

I remember that to visit an open sim I had to follow quite a complicated procedure. It wasn't very appealing at all. However last night was a bit different. Stephen L. Gasior aka Stephen Xootfly, an instructor at the University of New Orleans, showed me that open sim was easily accessible. I could access VIBE just in four simple steps: 
First, I made an account here: http://vibe.bio-se.info:9000/wifi
Second, I download and install imprudence viewer here: http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/Imprudence:Downloads
Third, I opened imprudence viewer and clicked the grid manager (middle bottom) to add vibe as grid name and to type this http://vibe.bio-se.info:9000 in the URI column. 
Fourth, I clicked the grid info, pressed ok then that was it. I was ready to login.

It was really exhilarating to be able to visit VIBE, especially because I tried hypergriding for the first time. (Right...Don't laugh at me!) It was just as easy as teleporting in Second Life. We visited the Genome Island (One of my favorite places is SL that is set up here too), the Mayan pyramid, the underwater habitat, the mega sandbox, and the freebie shop. I am sure there were many more available there but we had no time to explore all.

Here's my thought from that very short visit. If developing Open Sims is as affordable as developing websites, I can imagine that in near future students and educators can easily access interactive 3D virtual world as easy as accessing interactive websites to improve learning. How cool is that?