A scary student-teacher conversation that can only take place in SL:

Girl A         : Wow miss, you have a new face and skin. You look wonderful.
Ines Ogura : Thank you.
Girl A         : May I have your face, please?
Ines Ogura : I don't think so because I am wearing it.
Girl A         : Would you please detach your face and give it to me?
Ines Ogura : You are scaring me. No, I cannot chop my face and give it to you. LOL
Girl A         : What about your skin? May I just have your skin then?

/me bleeding ha ha ha



09/30/2010 02:01

Did I say that Ms? Haha LOL. I like your avatar, it's pretty! :) NIce website Ms!

05/06/2011 04:07

Hi kathleen, nice website mis ines, haha, i think i also said that too.... :D


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