You must be familiar with No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 by George W. Bush Administration, right? Well here in Second Life, we have 'No Avatar Left Behind' kind of act. 

"Don't leave tinies behind in conferences. Provide tiny seats for tinies. Tinies were also born with equal rights as other avatars." LOL

(Please don't stare at my legs. Those are just pixels. Besides, I was wearing a FLEXI skirt. Blame the gravity!)



04/30/2011 00:08

Nice legs though *grin*
Johnnie Wendt

04/20/2012 00:48

The Louis Vuitton piece is sure to make an impression on any travel mates you may have or even just to those sitting next to you in the airport, awaiting their flight.

04/21/2012 01:42

LVMH really are unhappy from Google’s actions selling an example of the manufacturers.sdfsf

05/04/2012 22:59

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