Student A: Miss.... I found your shoe in this sandbox.
Me: No, impossible. I never rez shoes in a public sandbox.
Student B: It's your shoe, trust me.
Me: No, I don't think so. Besides, why would I wear that flowery ribbony shoe?
Student A: It's your shoe. Just right click it and check the object profile. Owner: Ines Ogura.
Me: (blushing) ups.
Student B: Geee...you rezzed your shoes in Nanoland sandbox. What would people think about our science teacher?
Me: @_@

Then all of my students gathered around that shoe and right click it. "Where's another one, Miss?"
What do educators talk about in SL? Well, most of the time we talk about educational issues but sometimes we talk about shoes. Hee hee (Karelia, those are your feet

What will you do if your students come to your class headless? Trick or treat... :)

This scary dragon is my sweet kind-hearted boy student. lol





I know what you think but this is not what you think. So stop thinking what you are thinking. Trust me, I was in one of SLanguage 2010 Conference.

My students: Can we dance while doing our assignments.
Me             : Sure
My students: Would you dance with us?
Me             : NOOOOOOOOOOO

I have just brought my new students this school year in Second Life several days ago and here's my IM conversation with one of the girl.

Girl: I want to go home now.
Me : Hm, aren't you accessing SL from home now?
Girl: Yes I am at home now but I mean my avatar wants to go home. She needs to sleep. 
Me : Just press x button on top right of your screen and log off.
Girl: So I can't go home and sleep in SL? My avatar will be tired.


Well, students are free to dress or wear whatever they like in our school. But isn't wearing just one shoe too much? My students were having their first ever science presentation in Second Life and this particular student came in with just one shoe on. Ha ha ha ha (Peace Glenny!)

People said that teaching in virtual 3D platform could be potentially dangerous. Sure, your student can get burnt while studying or should I say burn himself. lol (By the way, I am writing this post from my virtual office inside second life using my virtual laptop. Cool, eh?)
My students seldom disagree with me. So when I found young avis in a freebie xstreet, I offered them all to change their avatar and to set their heights to be shorter than me.

And everyone screamed "NO........"

Well, I need to get used to being the shortest in my class from now on. (and the dark avi you see behind me in the picture is just slightly above my waist in RL)