People may think it is just a cripple dog but he is my student.
I had to to teach my older students that night but some of my younger students came online and kept sending me instant messages. It was so hard to be able to teach 16 kids chemistry and have 6 other kids chatting me.

"What did you have for dinner?"
"May I build?"
"Do you like this outfit? I made it myself." etc
Those were some examples of questions that distracted me while teaching.

I had to concentrate teaching but telling these younger students to be quiet for a while was impossible. I remembered I had some talking bots that were able to chat about anything with any avatars. So I gave these students a bot to chat with.

It worked. They chatted with the bots instead of me. Yay!!!!! (I need to buy a smart bot for my students though. That one was an annoying bot, not smart.)

It's summer break.
Student: I'm bored at home so I made this elephant.
Me       : Okay.
Student: Would you like to ride the elephant with me?
Me       : Okay.
Student: It's fun, isn't it?
Me       : (being kind to a kid) Yeah ..... :)))) LOL

One evening in summer break, my student IMed me.
Student: "Look what I have made." (She learned how to make the outfit herself)
Me       : "How nice.."
Student: "I made this just for you. Would you wear them all the time?"
Me       : (White lie) Uh..oh..Yes sure I will wear them all the time. Thank you... (I was trying hard not to dissapoint her. Well, at least each outfit was a Haute couture. I won't be able to afford them in RL. LOL)





Me: Do you realize that you are wearing demo boots?
Student: Yes
Me: The 'DOMO' tags are following you everywhere.
Student: Yes, It's okay. I love the kittens.
Me: Oh.. Alright. (puzzled)

Okay, don't ever think that I never buy my students proper shoes. I DO.





What happen when you are AFK (Away From Keyboard)? Someone will trap you in a big bucket full of water. Okay, who did this to me? Confession please....
You must be familiar with No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 by George W. Bush Administration, right? Well here in Second Life, we have 'No Avatar Left Behind' kind of act. 

"Don't leave tinies behind in conferences. Provide tiny seats for tinies. Tinies were also born with equal rights as other avatars." LOL

(Please don't stare at my legs. Those are just pixels. Besides, I was wearing a FLEXI skirt. Blame the gravity!)


Don't let your students know how to change themselves into fire because instad of teaching them, you will get burnt. (If you set the environment to midnight, they look nice though...) 

Don't underestimate animals in SL. They can be really smart, like this werewolf who has been sitting by my side in at least 4 conferences. (Today I finally befriended a wild animal in SL) LOL...sorry Gilles. :))

Not everyone wants to be perfect in SL although they can do that. Apparently, one of my students want to be herself and be comfortable in her own shoes hee hee.