My students seldom disagree with me. So when I found young avis in a freebie xstreet, I offered them all to change their avatar and to set their heights to be shorter than me.

And everyone screamed "NO........"

Well, I need to get used to being the shortest in my class from now on. (and the dark avi you see behind me in the picture is just slightly above my waist in RL)

If you think that giving a Mercedes Benz will prevent your student from being late in SL class because they can drive fast to the meeting point? Forget it. The Benz will slow them down and they will say things like "We are still learning about Physics with this car." Ah...kiddos.....
"How do you describe your relationship with your student?" I once was asked. Well, this time I must say "It's like beauty and the beast." hee hee hee (Trust me, in physical life, he's so adorably cute, unlike his avatar)



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One of my students shouted excitedly "Fr.Ines, I have just got an iphone, ipod, ipad and a blackberry in my inventory. I am sending them to you."

I was very surprised "How did you get all of them?" He grinned, "I renamed a baloon into iphone, ipod, ipad and blackberry ha ha ha ha ha GOTCHA!"


What happen if you give a 'Make Smoke' script to your students? Well, they will likely use it to f*rt in your office like what my students did to me. so DON'T!

One of senior chemistry teachers that I know decided to enter SL world after reading several journals on VW teaching that I sent him. After exploring it for a while, he concluded that SL teaching was annoying.

Me   : Why is it annoying?
Him  : I can't get out of this place, I am naked and I don't have Linden dollars to buy my clothes. It's just annoying.
Me    : You don't have to buy the clothes. I can make you look like Han Solo, like your name. :)
Him   : I am too old for this. How can I kill myself? Can I die?






People say that one of the drawback in virtual teaching is that we will never know when our students do not actually pay attention to the class and do something else in RL. Well, not really.... I set the preference tab in each of my student's account. Once they are away, their avatar will fall 'asleep'. 'Naruto...you are so busted.....WAKE UP!

Do you want to know my do's and don'ts in virtual teaching? Well, I just add one more 'don't'. DON'T ever let your student dress you up. Otherwise you will look like me obove....a total nightmare.