One of my 'girl'friend commented on the skirt I was wearing.

Girlfriend : Your skirt is too short for a teacher.
Me          : No, it's not too short. (The skirt would be just 10 cm above the knee in RL setting)
Girlfriend : It's still too short for a teacher.
Me          : But I am not teaching today.
Girlfriend : Hm.....still it's too short for a teacher.

Give me a break!
We had a class about table of element in a virtual lab and one of my student showed up in a wedding dress. @_@

Me      : are wearing a WEDDING DRESS instead of a lab coat.
Girl T  : Yeah....
Me      : And why is that?
Girl T  : It's because I can miss...It's second life.
Me      : OKAY.
Girl T  : Well, you are also bare-footed miss.


One morning, one of my teen student popped out in my IM with a great news "I have built something amazing. You should see." I went to visit her in Nanoland sandbox and here's our conversation:

Me       : What have you built that is so amazing?
Girl A   : A public toilet.
Me       : I am impressed with your ability. By the way, why do the toilets have no doors?
Girl A   : It's ancient Roman inspired toilet.
Me       : Oh! I see....How did you make the sinks? How did you put on the water? How could you make all these stuffs by yourself? I am not even sure I can build them myself. You are better than me in building.
Girl A   : Well, it means you are a successful teacher.
Me       : Why is that?
Girl A   : Yeah, I am smarter than you. You are doing a great job because your student turns out to be more intelligent than you.
Me       : I see....
Girl A   : and prettier too he he he......
Me       : Okay....So I am a great teacher because you are smarter and prettier than me? That's interesting.
Girl A   : (giggles) Yes. Would you try to sit on the toilet and poo?
Me       : No, I wouldn't.
Girl A   : Why not? It works you know..You should try.
Me       : Because I am a great teacher and a great teacher will ask her intelligent and pretty student to try on her own toilet. Come on.....