I got a new free kimono from Twisted Thorn Texture and I couldn't wait to show it to my Japanese friend.

Me          : ta da....How do I look?
My friend : Oh! Nice! Hm.......but......
Me          : But what?
My friend : Why are you spreading your legs? Your pose is not proper for wearing Kimono.
Me          : Ups...What should I do?
My friend : Wear kimono AO I have just sent you.

Look at my transformation below:

from intimidating Xena, the warior princess   TO      a humble Japanese woman. 
AO (Animation Override) does matter in Second Life.
A scary student-teacher conversation that can only take place in SL:

Girl A         : Wow miss, you have a new face and skin. You look wonderful.
Ines Ogura : Thank you.
Girl A         : May I have your face, please?
Ines Ogura : I don't think so because I am wearing it.
Girl A         : Would you please detach your face and give it to me?
Ines Ogura : You are scaring me. No, I cannot chop my face and give it to you. LOL
Girl A         : What about your skin? May I just have your skin then?

/me bleeding ha ha ha

Yes. I can drive a rocket in SL, no question about it. My students (10 of them) and I were at the Gemini V Titan II launch pad in International Spaceflight Museum. Our destination was International Space Station (ISS). We were all ready to BLAST OFF but...oh no.....

Student A  : We can't get in miss. The rocket can only take 4 passangers. What can we do?
Ines ogura : Wait here. I will take your friends to the ISS and I will return to earth to take the rest of you.

After 4 back and forth trips to ISS...

Ines Ogura :Oh gosh....I feel like a shuttle bus driver. I don't feel like a cool astronaut anymore.
Student B  : Would you take us back to earth with the same rocket?
Ines Ogura : NOOOOOOOOOO! Teleport yourself please........ 
Ines Ogura: Ok, guys. Let's start our class.
Student A  : Wait miss...... You need to turn on your face light.
Ines Ogura: Why?
Student B  : You look scary and dark. We like you better with your face light on.

Good thing this only happens in Second Life.