SL: Alfa Roux (CEO/founder of Digi S Lab project, owner of Biomedicine Research Lab Island)

RL: Guiseppe Russo Ph.D. (Research Assistant Professor, Director, Cancer Systems Biology and E-Health Programs, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA)

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    Avatars Do Make a Difference not just in SL but also in RL

    If you are an avi, always remember that your action affects other avis psychologically and emotionally in their RL. So be kind and make a positive difference in other people's life.



    My First Teachers

    Peregrine Linnie: An angelic, dedicated n professional helper in SL Help Island. 
    - Kind, polite, knowledgable and helpful (a very good friend)
    - Responsible for 80% of items in my inventory
    - Responsible for my cute look and wonderful skin
    - Amazingly knows almost everything from fixing a messy hairdo to clearing cache. 
    - Speaks major world languages. (lol, thanks to simbolic translator)
    - I cannot forget how Pere helped me find a car racing circuit, racing suits and cars for my student's birthday party.
    Cozy Okelly: An amazing self-made pro builder and artist.
    - A generous, funny and open-minded building and scripting teacher (Well, I mean accidental teacher. lol)
    - He gives challenges and believes in my ability to figure things out myself.
    - When I get inventory offer from him, mostly it means HOMEWORK.
    - He shows me that just like RL, SL is not always black and white. Sometimes it's grey and most of the time it is like a rainbow.
    - He inspires me to embrace differences.
    - He is not a fan of McEarth and Worldmart.